Front cover telescopic hydraulic cylinder

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Telescopic hydraulic cylinder, used for tipper truck, we have standard models as long as you provide the loading capacity.

Front cover telescopic hydraulic cylinder, used for tipper truck, There are two kind of models ,Front end eyes telescopic hydraulic cylinder and Front cover telescopic hydraulic cylinder. Except cylinders, we also provide the whole system including bracket gear pump, oil tank, lifting valve, hand valve,oil tubes for you.

The front cover hydraulic cylinder structure performance improvements:

  1. A new generation of series products, hydraulic cylinder diameter larger, stronger lifting force ;

  2. Through special processing, dedicated high-quality, high-precision steel pipe material, the maximum working pressure of 3000 psi, the flexural capacity is stronger ;\

  3. New guide ring structure with advanced sliding material, make the hydraulic cylinder lifting more smooth, long service life;

  4. we update the seals structure to be sure the oil will not be leak under high pressure and bad working environment.

  5. Standard models for you to choose;

Specification of model for front cover telescopic hydraulic cylinder

Model Working pressure Lifting capacity Truck body length Lifting time
129-3-3880 3000PSI 33~54  tons 4.6m,4.9m,5.2m 13s
149-3-3700 3000PSI 48~71  tons 4.6m,4.75m,4.9m 17s
149-3-4280 3000PSI 50~73  tons 5.2m,5.45m,5.7m 21s
149-4-4280 3000PSI 36~55  tons 5.5m,5.6m 18s
149-4-4640 3000PSI 36~55  tons 5.9m,5.95m,6m 20s
169-4-4280 3000PSI 53~73  tons 5.5m,5.6m 22s
169-4-4640 3000PSI 52~82  tons 5.6m,5.85m,6.1m 19s
169-4-5000 3000PSI 50~83  tons 6.2m,6.5m,6.8m 22s
169-4-5180 3000PSI 50~83  tons 6.2m,6.55m,6.9m 23s
169-4-5390 3000PSI 51~82  tons 6.2m,6.8m 24s
169-4-5460 3000PSI 51~82  tons 6.5m,6.9m,7.3m 25s
180-4-4280 3000PSI 53~73  tons 5.5m,5.6m 22s
180-4-4640 3000PSI 52~82  tons 5.6m,5.85m,6.1m 19s
180-4-5000 3000PSI 50~83  tons 6.2m,6.5m,6.8m 22s
180-4-5390 3000PSI 51~82  tons 6.2m,6.8m 24s
180-4-5780 3000PSI 51~83  tons 6.9m,7.3m,7.7m 27s
180-4-6000 3000PSI 50~79  tons 7.3m,7.8m,8.2m 29s
191-5-5780 3000PSI 51~83  tons 6.9m,7.3m,7.7m 27s
191-5-6200 3000PSI 50~79  tons 7.3m,7.8m,8.2m 29s
220-5-9030 3000PSI 60~85  tons 11m,11.5m,12m 50s

For more information of the whole system, please send us email.

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