Lift platform hydraulic power unit A

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This hydraulic power unit for lift platform, mainly used for lift device, different config with different lifting capacity, you can choose what you need.

Consisting of high pressure gear pump,AC motor, multi-functional manifold, valves,t ank etc. this power unit has been widely used in the industry of logistic devices such as minifork lift, scissors lift and ariel working platform The lowering movement is controlled by the solenoid valve with the speed controlled by the adjustable throttle valve.

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OUTLINE DIMENSION                                                                                                                               HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT DIAGRAM






Model Motor voltage Motor power Displacement System pressure Tank capacity L(mm)
HYT-LP1 220VAC 0.75KW 1.2ml/r 20MPA 3.5L 499
HYT-LP2 1.6ml/r 16MPA 3.5L 499
HYT-LP3 2.1ml/r 12MPA 6L 599
HYT-LP4 380VAC 1.1KW 1.2ml/r 20MPA 6L
HYT-LP5 1.6ml/r 16MPA 6L
HYT-LP6 2.1ml/r 12MPA 8L 669



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