Stationary scissor lift platform

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Stationary scissor lift platform is an electric hydraulic lift platform with a shear lifting structure, which has a huge weight, a smooth lift, and a stable structure. The load ranges from 0.2 to 20 tons and can be customized as needed. It can be installed in the foundation pit, and the platform is flat with the ground level. Stationery  hydraulic scissor lifting platform can also be designed of special plate, for the forklift or the car to go from the board to the platform. The product has the characteristics of stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance advantages.


Model specification


Model Load Capacity Lifting Height Weight Platform Size Min Height Max Height
HYT1-3 1000kg 3000mm 1600 1600x1200mm 782mm 3782mm
HYT1-4.8 1000kg 4800mm 2000 2000x1500mm 782mm 5582mm
HYT1-6.3 1000kg 6300mm 3280 3000x2385mm 836mm 7136mm
HYT1-7.9 1000kg 7900mm 3100 2000x1800mm 984mm 8884mm
HYT2-4.5 2000kg 4500mm 3300 2500x2200mm 850mm 5350mm
HYT2-6.3 2000kg 6300mm 3400 2800x2000mm 918mm 7218mm
HYT2-5 2000kg 5000mm 3000 4500x2160mm 850mm 5350mm
HYT3-6.4 1000kg 6400mm 8500 7000x4000mm 910mm 7310mm
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